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For the first time, statewide opioid data is available in real time. Check out the details of the five categories of data we are now collecting.

Arizona is losing someone every day to prescription painkillers — that includes classmates, teammates and friends.

Which message would stop you from misusing?

Painkillers and heroin:

Chemically speaking, they're very similar

It's shocking, but true: Misusing prescription painkillers is just as dangerous, addictive and deadly as using heroin.1
The science: Prescription painkillers (Vicodin, Oxycodone, etc.) interfere with the brain's ability to perceive pain. Like heroin, these drugs are classified as opioids.
The dangers: Both physical and psychological addiction can develop quickly. Signs of abuse include nausea, confusion, difficulty breathing and withdrawal1
The result: Misuse and abuse can escalate without you realizing, resulting in respiratory arrest, unconsciousness, coma and death1

Abuse can start with an injury or surgery.

What often starts as a legitimate prescription can quickly turn to addiction and abuse.

Find better ways to manage pain.

Abuse can start at a party

Teens who abuse painkillers are usually curious or think pills will make them feel good.

Ever heard these myths?

It's not important if you thought they were true. What's important is that you know the truth.

Myth: Pain relievers are safer than street drugs.
Fact: While heroin deaths are increasing, Arizona has twice as many Rx opioid deaths.
Myth: I can control my prescription use.
Fact: One study shows that abusing painkillers makes you 19x more likely to try heroin.2
Myth: My little sis or brother would never.
Fact: Studies demonstrate that some children are already abusing drugs at 12 and 13, which likely means that some begin even earlier.
Myth: It's prescribed by a doctor, so it must be okay.
Fact: Prescribed medication is still a drug that can have devastating side effects. It is important to only use medication prescribed to you as directed by a doctor.

School & stimulants

Good grades. Social life. Sports. It can get stressful. Maybe that's why 1 in 5 teens think it's okay to abuse stimulants if it's not to get high.3

The fact is, stimulants like Adderall just cause more problems. Like what? How about sleeplessness, cardiac issues, depression and suicidal thoughts?

Surprised? Angry? Take action!

Help all Arizona teens end the prescription drug epidemic.